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Welcome to The Last Writer.

Here we will be sharing poetry and stories from the community and from our bloggers/writers. You can write about anything! We want to hear it and we want to read it! 🙂

Each month there will be a prompt here to write. Kinda like when you were in grade school! We know you hated it then, but we’ll be honest, our nerdy selves have been craving prompts in the real world. Do it because you love it, do it because you miss the good ole days, do it because you want the prize — we don’t care! 

Yes! I mentioned a prize. You will be “graded” on two levels; we will count 50% of the votes you get on your submission and 50% of your graded rubric. 


The top three pieces

will get a prize! In the future, there will be more unique bundles we will send out to you, but for now, we will be giving away as 1st prize a $75 PayPal Payment. 2nd prize will be a $50 PayPal Payment. 3rd prize will be a $25 PayPal Payment. 

This month’s prompt is ………….  MEMORIES: Past, Present, Future. Write us a poem! Write us a story! Fiction or Non-Fiction. Get your friends to the website to vote on your piece and other pieces they like! 


Bonus Challenge

The extra challenge to keep you on your literary toes — No use of the words “to” or “before”. 

If you are one of the top three picks and you completed the extra challenge you will also receive a $5 Starbucks gift card!

-Team Darkschuys

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